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Everlast Editorial Epoxy Flooring Blog

Everlast® Editorial

    Everlast® Floor: Friend to the Environment

    Here are the facts: most floors will, at some point, need to be replaced. Paint peels. Sheet flooring will hold up to friction and high traffic for only so long. Concrete, once exposed to water and temperature extremes, will crumble and chip. If your floor starts to come apart, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need a total rehaul.

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    Topics: environmentally friendly flooring

    Dirty Paws? Not a Problem with Everlast Epoxy Floor

    The trouble with pets is they don’t know any better. Our little friends are delighted to play around outside and track all kinds of unmentionables in with them. If you own a space- an animal shelter, a vet clinic- where multiple animals are gathered, take a good sniff. Is your flooring giving you and your pets the protection you need? Are the little guys making a stinky situation worse?

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    Topics: Veterinary Flooring, veterinary epoxy flooring, vet clinic, Epoxy Flooring, pet-friendly epoxy flooring

    College Dorms and Flooring Choices

    Topics: Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy Paint vs. Everlast Floor - When to Use It, When Not To

    Topics: everlast epoxy floor, epoxy paint for concrete floors, epoxy paint

    Rubber Safety Flooring - The Hidden Dangers

    Topics: rubber flooring, Safety Surface, gym rubber flooring

    Rubbing the Wrong Way: The Hidden Dangers of Rubber Safety Sheet Flooring


    Why Tile?


    Rental Property Maintenance and Abuse

    Topics: Economical Maintenance

    flooring sanitation and pests


    Choosing the right Epoxy: Solvent-based, Water-based or Solids-based


    School Flooring Material Options

    Topics: Epoxy Flooring, Health & Safety, school flooring material options

    Medical Flooring Solutions

    Topics: Health & Safety, medical flooring solutions

    Epoxy Paint vs Epoxy Floor Coatings

    Topics: epoxy floor coating, epoxy paint

    What is the use of epoxy paint?

    Topics: epoxy floors, epoxy paint for concrete floors

    Outdoor Tough Polyavastic

    Topics: Outdoor Flooring

    Walking Tour of a Restaurant Kitchen's Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: Restaurant Kitchen, Epoxy Flooring

    Leaky Floor Waterproofing Solution

    Topics: leaky floor, Sustainable Building, Industry News, Health & Safety

    How-To Install Natural Pebble Stone Flooring

    Topics: how-to, natural stone flooring

    A tour of a public men's restroom to see the epoxy flooring

    Topics: public restroom flooring

    Epoxy flooring can be fun to shop for – but not always…

    Topics: Everlast Floor Toons, commercial epoxy flooring, epoxy floor coating, Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy Paint for Concrete Floors

    Topics: Epoxy Flooring, epoxy paint for concrete floors

    Is Your Pool Deck Ready To Party? ...

    Topics: pool deck

    Bacteria and germs hate Burt’s new epoxy antibacterial flooring!

    Topics: Veterinary Flooring, Restaurant Kitchen, antibacterial flooring, Healthcare Flooring, antibacterial epoxy flooring

    DIY Epoxy Stone Flooring

    Topics: epoxy stone flooring, DIY

    Everlast Floor Knocks Out All-Comers With A Hammer Test

    Topics: Epoxy Flooring, Industry News, Hammer Test, Competition

    Lightweight compact automatic commercial floor scrubber

    Topics: Industry News, Health & Safety

    Neverlast FLOORS vs Everlast® FLOORS

    Topics: Epoxy Flooring, Industry News

    Architects Demand Hardwearing and Low Maintenance Materials

    Topics: Sustainable Building, Epoxy Flooring, Industry News

    Billion Dollar Bully

    Topics: Industry News

    Everlast® Epoxy: A different epoxy flooring

    Topics: Industry News

    3 ways a no-solvent floor is a good floor

    Topics: Everlast Floor Toons, Everlas Epoxy Flooring, no solvent epoxy floor, Sustainable Building

    How to make your flooring store the talk of the town

    Topics: flooring store, Industry News

    Dealing with a leaky floor - the easy way

    Topics: leaky floor, Everlast Floor Toons

    Siri, Siri, no (I mean) Alexa, what is the best epoxy flooring ever?

    Topics: Industry News

    Rubber Flooring = A Disgusting Gym

    Topics: Safety Surface, gym rubber flooring

    Everlast non slip flooring - a win for Emily’s daycare

    Topics: Everlast Floor Toons, Non-slip flooring

    Easy to Clean Epoxy Floors High School Kids Can’t Trash

    Topics: Property Managment, Everlast Floor Toons, Sustainable Building, easy-to-clean epoxy floors, Health & Safety

    Everlast chemical resistant flooring won this battle

    Topics: Restaurant Kitchen, Everlast Floor Toons, Chemical resistant flooring

    Why microbes hate Everlast Epoxy’s hygienic antimicrobial flooring system

    Topics: hygienic antimicrobial flooring system, Everlast Floor Toons

    Poured Flooring | Environmentally Friendly & Beautiful

    Topics: Everlast Floor Toons, Sustainable Building, poured flooring, environmentally friendly flooring

    Why bugs hate an Everlast Epoxy Floor

    Topics: Restaurant Kitchen, insect protection, Everlast Floor Toons, pest control, Epoxy Flooring

    The alternative to Everlast’s commercial epoxy flooring

    Topics: Restaurant Kitchen, Everlast Floor Toons, commercial epoxy flooring, Health & Safety

    Epoxy flooring contractor offers interior design advice to friend

    Topics: Veterinary Flooring, Everlast Floor Toons, veterinary epoxy flooring, epoxy flooring contractor, vet clinic, interior design

    In love with their public restroom epoxy flooring

    Topics: public restroom epoxy floors, Public Restroom, Everlast Floor Toons, Maintaining a public restroom, public restroom epoxy flooring

    Recycled Glass Epoxy Flooring for LEED credits

    Topics: Everlast Floor Toons, leed epoxy flooring, Sustainable Building, sustainable flooring, recycled glass, leed credits, recycled glass epoxy flooring

    Wishing they had instead designed their floor’s logo with Everlast® epoxy flooring?

    Topics: Healthcare Flooring, Everlast Floor Toons

    Oh the cleanup, will they ever get to enjoy their new floor?

    Topics: easy to clean epoxy flooring, Everlast Floor Toons, easy-to-clean epoxy floors, Health & Safety

    Are all epoxy floors equal?

    Topics: Everlas Epoxy Flooring, Sustainable Building, Industry News

    Will your commercial kitchen floor hold up to the hot and cold extreme temperatures?

    Topics: Restaurant Kitchen, epoxy flooring hot and cold extreme temperatures, extreme temperatures, Everlast Floor Toons, hot and cold, commercial kitchen epoxy flooring, epoxy flooring extreme temperatures, Epoxy Flooring, commercial kitchen flooring

    The hallways were bustling at River Creek Medical Center, but heavy foot traffic on their flooring damped the excitement.

    Topics: heavy foot traffic flooring, Healthcare Flooring, Everlast Floor Toons, Sustainable Building

    Oscar and his not so moisture resistant flooring make him embarassed to visit the neighbors

    Topics: waterproof flooring, moisture resistant flooring, public restroom epoxy flooring

    How Bob’s Diner fixed their dirty problem with Everlast Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: bacteria, easy to clean epoxy flooring, easy-to-clean epoxy floors, restaurant flooring, Health & Safety

    Ants with Anvil’s and Roaches with Rocket Ships cannot penetrate Everlast Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: public restroom epoxy floors, insect protection, epoxy resin poured flooring, Epoxy Flooring, everlast epoxy floor, restaurant flooring, epoxy floors, Health & Safety

    Animal Lovers Veterinary Clinic solved their smelly problem with Everlast Epoxy Floor

    Topics: epoxy floor, epoxy resin poured flooring, veterinary epoxy flooring, epoxy floor coating, Epoxy Flooring

    The only thing predictable in your business...


    The Art Of Good Epoxy Flooring


    (if there were a) Gorgeous Kitchens Magazine (it would) showcase Everlast Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: Everlast Floor Toons, commercial epoxy flooring

    3 Reasons Why Dogs And Cats Prefer Everlast Epoxy Flooring


    “Easy Does it” Rental Facility Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: poured epoxy flooring, Property Managment, epoxy floor, epoxy resin poured flooring, Epoxy Flooring, epoxy resin floor

    Epoxy Flooring that is Environmentally Friendly

    Topics: insects, ammonia, cola, coffee, Property Managment, naturally cleaner, anti-microbial, bacteria, less pesticides, natural marble, eco floor, home décor, Going Green, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, commercial epoxy flooring, mineral oil, Sustainable Building, epoxy floor coating, eco epoxy flooring, organic resins, kerosene, Epoxy Flooring, seamless and non-porous, contains no solvents, iodine, recycled glass, sulfuric acid, epoxy floors, environmentally friendly flooring, commercial flooring, motor oil, marble stones, cracks and crevices

    3 Reasons Why Everlast Epoxy Flooring Is The Perfect Choice For Your Public Facility

    Topics: public restroom epoxy floors, public restroom epoxy floor, Maintaining a public restroom, public restroom epoxy flooring, Non-slip flooring

    Save Time and Money on Rental Property Managment with Everlast Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: do-it-yourself epoxy floors, everlast epoxy flooring, Property Managment, rental properties epoxy flooring, do-it-yourself epoxy flooring, bacteria, do-it-yourself, microbes, do-it-yourself epoxy floor, epoxy floor, EPA-approved, epoxy resin poured flooring, commercial epoxy flooring, Rental Property Management epoxy flooring, epoxy floor coating, Epoxy Flooring, pet-friendly epoxy flooring, everlast epoxy floor, epoxy floors, everlast epoxy floors, EPA

    Is your public restroom floor up to snuff in these areas?

    Topics: everlast epoxy flooring, public restroom epoxy floors, health hazard, bathroom flooring options, resistant to microbes, Public Restroom, eco-friendly epoxy floors, public restroom epoxy floor, mitigating your risk, eco-friendly epoxy flooring, bacteria, moist environments, epoxy floor, high employee turnover, EPA-approved, easy to clean, public restroom flooring, eco-friendly, public restroom floor, Epoxy Flooring, microbes and bacteria, seamless and non-porous, everlast epoxy floor, harbor foul smells, epoxy floors, lingering smells, environmentally friendly flooring, public restroom epoxy flooring, eco-friendly epoxy floor, zero solvents, everlast epoxy floors, public restroom floors

    Why Sheet Rubber Floors DO NOT Make Good Assistant Chef's

    Topics: plastic flooring, rubber flooring, pvc, epoxy floor, epoxy floor coating, concrete floor coating, Epoxy Flooring, sheet flooring, heat-welded, commercial flooring, hot grease floor, Health & Safety

    New Color - "Copper" - Limited Edition

    Topics: coffee, epoxy floor, commercial epoxy flooring, copper, epoxy floor coating, Epoxy Flooring, commercial flooring

    Another quality epoxy flooring and wallcovering installation

    Topics: commercial epoxy flooring, Epoxy Flooring, restaurant flooring, commercial flooring, Industry News, quarry tile, commercial kitchen flooring

    4 Steps to Insect Protection

    Topics: insect protection, commercial epoxy flooring, pest control, Epoxy Flooring, commercial flooring, bugs, Health & Safety

    Public Bath House at Marina

    Topics: Industry News

    Good Samaritan Hospital


    Shopping Day


    Don't Tear Out That Old Tile Just Yet......


    Fat Tuesday


    a day at the beach


    Restauranteur saves time & money


    Masters at Augusta

    Topics: Industry News

    Non-Slip Safety Epoxy Flooring

    Topics: non-slip, slip-resistant flooring, grease, epoxy floor, anti-skid, Epoxy Flooring, restaurant flooring, commercial flooring, oil, Health & Safety